Why Us


We make Ship From Store Easy


Retail Stores are not structured to Pack, Ship and Deliver

•Today, Brick and Mortar Retailers encourage customers to Buy Online Pickup In-Store or Ship From Stores (SFS).

•Future estimates indicate up to of 80% of E-commerce orders will be shipped from stores (SFS)

•Retailers want to deliver perfect orders from stores, with fast service at a low cost.

•Stores do not have the people, technology, training or space to provide SFS in quantities.

•Packaging and freight costs are escalating 

•Customers are demanding more Prime type services and delivery within 4 to 24 hours.

•Some customers don't want to go to the store for any reason.

•Order mistakes and poorly packed orders have a tremendous negative impact.

•Retail store employees hate packing and shipping orders, and they make mistakes.

•Stores are becoming micro-distribution centers without the talent, the will, and technology to fulfill orders.

•Store employees want to sell, they get paid to sell. Retailers want them helping the in-store customers not packing orders.

•Holidays pack and ship are troublesome, and temps have problems.

•Customers are mobile and want fast delivery options at a low cost.

•Stores cannot easily reposition inventory to other stores

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 Last Mile Terminal
What we do.

•Located in a mall, we professionally pack and ship outbound orders from stores or local businesses to end customers and charge a transaction fee for each service.

•Deliver orders locally within 4 to 24> hours from stores and businesses in proximity to the LMT with many delivery company partners. Same and Next Day delivery.

•Pack and deliver a perfectly shipping carton, sized right, and with a better out of the box sustainable experience

•The LMT combines the freight volume to lower freight costs for everyone.

•Receive and deliver inbound inventory to stores and local businesses

•Returns processing offered to LMT clients. Huge savings for retailers.

•Better inventory management in stores with shared sku’s from local “sister” stores

•Provide cross dock services to local delivery partners

•Provide mobile and web visibility, tracking and control

•Provide shipping and receiving location.

•Curb side pick up and locker pickup

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